Celebrating Our Love to Sing Day
Celebrating Our Love to Sing Day

A Day of Fun and Rewarding Musical Delights

A day of musical joy and accomplishment unfolded on a frosty late January morning as the Fascinating Rhythm chorus welcomed ladies from South Gloucestershire, Bristol and the surrounding area.  Their goal: to master a song from page to stage in just one day. The day was filled with pure delight, as participants discovered the beauty of harmony and the thrill of performance.

Fascinating Rhythm Chorus invited ladies of all ages and backgrounds to experience the magic of four-part a cappella singing. The aim was to create a space where participants could meet like-minded individuals, explore their musical abilities, and embrace the transformative power of music.

The participants arrived at Marlwood School, some with prior musical experience, others taking their first step into the world of singing. United by their shared curiosity, they eagerly awaited the start of an unforgettable journey.

The day began with a warm welcome from Jane Sawyer (Chair of Fascinating Rhythm).  Jo Thorn (Musical Director) then led the participants through a warm-up before sorting them into their respective voice parts Tenor, Lead, Baritone and Bass.

Fascinating Rhythm treated the delegates to their rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, which they recently competed with at the Nailsea Festival of Music and came 2nd.

Then, the moment they had been waiting for – the reveal of the song they would be learning, which is always kept under wraps until the day. FR gave an energetic performance of Freddie Mercury’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’!

Guided by chorus members, the participants embarked on the thrilling endeavour of learning Don’t Stop Me Now from scratch.  The participants delved into deciphering musical sheets, mastering vocal techniques, and understanding harmonies.

As the day progressed, the ladies transformed into performers, showcasing their newfound confidence on stage. With family and friends as their audience, the room filled with excitement.   The chorus, now a harmonious ensemble, captured hearts with a magical performance that left everyone applauding their remarkable journey.  With beaming smiles and overflowing emotions, everyone left knowing that they had accomplished something truly remarkable.

Jo Thorn, the Musical Director, commended each participant for creating an extraordinary experience.  She said; 

“It always impresses me how, in such a short time, participants can learn a song and deliver it with passion on the stage. I am hopeful that many participants left, carrying not only the memory of this extraordinary day but also the motivation to explore and embrace their musical talents in the future.”

Some of the participants commented as follows:

Mandy, from Frampton on Severn “I was impressed by the quality of Fascinating Rhythm’s singing.  I felt happy, uplifted and had a real sense of achievement.”

“`I’ve never sung in an organised choir before.  I really enjoyed the day.”

Rachel from Chew Valley

Pam from Bath thought the day was

“uplifting, inclusive and the chorus was very friendly.  It was amazing to sing in harmony, and it’s set me on a path to maybe sing again.”

The door at FR is always open on a Thursday evening, and we really hope to welcome some of the ladies who took part in the day. Hopefully, we have ignited their interest to find out more!

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