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If you love to sing Fascinating Rhythm is always looking for new members to join our award-winning chorus.

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Where and when?

Whether you like to sing high, low or somewhere in between, you’ll find a warm welcome from us.

Come along to one of our rehearsals on a Thursday evening from 7.30 – 10.00 pm at the Greenfield Centre, Park Avenue, Winterbourne, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS36 1NJ.

From your very first rehearsal visit, you will be encouraged to join in our voice warm-up session and vocal craft practice.

Stay and get to know us for the evening whilst watching us brush-up our repertoire songs and choreography! And, depending on the time of year, witness us work through new songs for our performance package in readiness for the LABBS national Barbershop competition which takes place each October.

If you get a sense that we are what you are looking for, the joining process can begin, full details here Introduction Leaflet

A warm welcome awaits any visitors who come to a rehearsal; just get in touch and let us know you would like to visit us and we will be sure to look out for you!

Why Choose Us

25 Years of Experience

Fascinating Rhythm has for over twenty-five years, been helping, leading and encouraging singers.

Proven Success

You will be part of a chorus that has achieved success regularly year after year in national competitions as one of the top five female choruses in the country.

Great Fun

Do you enjoy a good laugh, want to make GREAT friends and feel part of a great community of like-minded ladies who sing? Then you have come to the right place.


A love of Singing

If singing is in your blood, then you have come to the right place as singing is who we are. We love to sing.

What do I need to do?

To join us, all you need is a basic ability to sing and a desire to immerse yourself in the world of 4-part and a cappella performance.

We have a four-stage appraisal process for new members to complete to become a full singing member of Fascinating Rhythm. At each stage, the section leader and the music team will support you, and you will be given feedback at each step in the process. In return for your hard work and enthusiasm, you’ll enjoy a rich and rewarding experience. We sing in public and at private events and compete in national competitions. To ensure that we are more than ready to perform, we regularly undertake coaching sessions to hone our craft.

For more information on membership, please complete the membership form and we will be in touch.

You will be in safe hands – and what a buzz you’ll get from singing with a big chorus!

For potential members under the age of 18, we have a safeguarding policy available on request.  Our lower age limit is 14 years.  For younger potential singers, check out our junior chorus – Junior FR.



Below are a selection of reviews from some of our workshops and performances.

We would love to hear your thoughts; please send any comments to. XXX

  • "I loved it – came last year and really think I’m going to join this amazing group. Felt energised and tired, but very worthwhile."

  • “It helped me focus my sound and helped me to breathe."

  • “Really enjoyed singing in a group.”

  • “Many thanks to all the FR helpers for the wonderful experience you gave my daughter. The fun and impressive productions at Showtime! were a delight to watch, and quite obviously and evidently to take part in.”

  • "I must just say how wonderful all the ladies were and helpful with lots of kindness. Super day."

  • “Hats off to our team leaders – I was in the Bass group, and I know I wouldn’t have even got close to a decent end performance without the excellent guidance and encouragement of our particular leader, who was brilliant.”

  • “A chance to sing in harmony with other people – confidence booster!”

  • "I enjoyed practising in different parts and looking forward to singing with you again."

  • "Lots and lots of enjoyment. Great organisation. Wonderful atmosphere. Thanks to all the ladies for a wonderful day."

  • “A big sense of wellbeing, lots of fun. Can’t wait till next year.”

  • “The sheer joy of using my voice.”

  • “A bit of everything. Vocal colour, harmony and learning a whole song in a day!”

  • "Everything – how to sing, how to listen, met you all and how lovely you all are. Fantastic and (in a Craig Revell-Horwood voice!) Fab-u-lous! Thank you so much, one of the best days I’ve spent."

  • “Uplifting singing opportunities in a group of lovely voices.”

  • "Terrific fun, thank you for all your hard work."

  • “Thank you so much for the amazing day on Saturday, my daughter loved it! Yes please she would like to come for a trial on Friday 22nd January at Iron Acton Village Hall.”

  • “Thank you very much for sending our truly fascinating day song recording. It sounds wonderful; we even got some of Jo’s goosebumps she sometimes got when we were particularly good.”

  • "Always a good day out – look forward to more, and seeing more performances. Thank you for all your hard work to make the day a success."

  • "Everyone friendly and warm. Felt very welcome."

  • "Four parts is the basic method, but we enjoyed one piece that had ten-part harmony, hugely impressive to those of us who find singing alto a challenge!"

  • "I expected to sing Lead but found myself in Baritone, which pushed me further than I’m used to."

  • “Great sense of achievement and enjoyment. Wonderful to be able to learn and perform a song in a day.”

  • “I felt uplifted and happy. I so enjoyed meeting other ladies and singing.”

  • "You were all very welcoming, and the instruction was excellent."

  • “Well done. It was well organised. Vocal sessions were spot on. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. I’d come again.”

  • "Fun, and a little more confidence in my voice."

  • “To be able to learn a song so quick. Meet other people.”

  • “Loved to learn I’m a Bass and not out of tune! Such a welcoming and well-organised event – brilliant.”

  • "I enjoyed learning different singing techniques and breathing exercises. Thought Fascinating Rhythm members were very friendly and welcoming"

  • "I was not made to feel inadequate, as never sung bass before. It involved lots of fun which helped relaxation - overall inspired. Thoroughly enjoyed it all!! Fabulous."

  • "Great day, relaxing, exciting."

  • "Enjoyment of singing in a big chorus, with very friendly women. Excellent tips from the Director on getting right notes, etc."

  • "Great pointer – shoulder blades in back pockets. Loved the analogy of breath on a mirror."

  • "Very well organised, a pleasant day."

  • "We loved and will be coming next year."

  • “Learned something about the different tone of voice we are capable of with different mental imagery/attitude.”

  • “Just a word of thanks. Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and most importantly – understanding.”

  • “Confidence in singing. Enjoyment.”

  • "Everyone made to feel welcome; they were helpful, friendly and put me at ease quickly. Thank you."

  • “I found it helped me produce a better sound than I have for years.”

  • "Enjoyed the sense of all the delegates improving through the day."

  • “Great fun. Quality me time!”

  • "I loved the word worksheets – worked like a charm."

  • “A fun day doing something I wouldn’t normally get to do.”

  • "The confidence to learn a complete song quickly and with natural choreography. Fantastic day – thank you! Looking forward to next year!
    Techniques, fun, friendship – exhilarating!! And Cake!"

  • "I was singing in a large 4 part harmony group! Breathing etc. associated with singing!! Respect to Fascinating Rhythm!! Thank you."

  • "Another fantastic day – thanks to everyone involved."

  • "Excellent info on voice use and control. Very friendly, supportive coaches."

  • “Fun, encouraging day.”

  • "Great day – thank you! Very well organised."

  • "Reminded me of how much fun singing can be, and a sense of achievement."

  • “Most enjoyable, informative and inspirational.”

  • "Great to sing with a 1st class group."

  • "I like the way it was introduced in small sections so that we could grasp it ok. I’ve never been to a singing workshop before – Loved It!"

  • “Thank you for having my daughter for the workshop on Saturday. She had an amazing time. Please thank the team for what was an amazing performance at the end of the day.”

  • "Fun. Help with breath control. Techniques to warm up. Surprised I was a bass! Lovely cake and warm welcome. A challenge as the bass section part was hard with few words. Gained confidence in singing with a large chorus. I loved it from start to finish."

  • “We had again the most fantastic day loved every minute of it. Everything was equally as good as last year and can’t wait for next year.”

  • "Excellent friendship! Good craft points."

  • “Could you do it more often?”

  • "Do it again! Bouncing off the energy of Fascinating Rhythm and singing at the end. Double woo hoo!"

  • “Just wanted to say thank you for a great event on Saturday … I was very impressed with the children’s performance, and I know my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

  • “Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for a wonderful day last Saturday when some friends and I came for the singing workshop. Really well organised and such fun and am amazed a decent noise came from some of the more inexperienced ones amongst us! Special thanks to Jo for her enthusiasm and tips. I have demonstrated singing ‘wide’ to a number of people now – still makes me laugh!”

  • “The section leaders were excellent. Inspiring.”

  • "Fun! Met a lot of really nice people. Improved my singing confidence and learnt some good advice on breathing, etc. Very efficiently run, excellent organisation."

  • “Loved singing in a large chorus, enjoyed doing craftwork and loved the song.”

  • "A great day, the breaks and refreshments just right – and thank you for our Gift Bag!"

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed it. All Fascinating Rhythm make a great effort to support and make sure everybody is ok. We came last year, and it was lovely to be remembered.”

  • "The ‘feel-good’ factor and a sense of achievement."

  • “Perfect venue and catering. Cake is necessary on these workshops, and you did us proud!”

  • “Made me realise how much I enjoy singing.”

  • “Great fun, experience a different sort of singing from usual, chance to challenge myself.”

  • "A wonderful, musical, full of fun and laughter day."

  • “You all work so hard to make sure all the delegates have a good day, you are all so friendly and helpful, my only comment was it could have been a little warmer in the big hall, but everything else was spot on.”

Fascinating Rhythm
Join Us

Meet some of our our Members

Vicky Champion (Lead)

Vicky Champion Lead Fascinating Rhythm“I went on a singing holiday last October and ended up doing an hours worth of tags with three barbershop guys and absolutely loved it. They also told me about the Convention, and I decided to go. When I registered the form asked who I was supporting, and I put Fascinating Rhythm as it was the closest group to me (must have been Karma!). I loved the Convention and joined in with tags in between things – a great buzz! My mission then was to find a group to join. I was disappointed with the ones I visited in terms of energy, friendliness and attitude, so when I came to Fascinating Rhythm (having seen your stunning set at the Convention too!). The immediate friendliness, Jo’s brilliant Directorship and the energy of the group it was a no brainer and here I am. I am loving it – it’s challenging, getting me to sing in a different way to anything else I have done and it’s really wonderful to be part of such a determined, friendly and energetic group of ladies – thank you for making it so wonderful!

Kate Bishop (Bass)

Kate Bishop Bass Fascinating Rhythm“I have always enjoyed music, playing Clarinet and Drums (not at the same time), but I’ve never really sung in a choir. A friend of mine introduced me to FR 2 years ago when I attended the workshop in 2017. I soon found my way into the bass section and had a great day, but not the courage or commitment to join. My friend invited me back to the workshop in 2018, and something clicked, and I felt I must join Fascinating Rhythm. I feel at home in the bass section, all have made me so very welcome. I love the harmonies, and Fascinating Rhythm makes such a glorious sound; it is great to be part of it. I’m learning new songs and enjoying the challenge that singing with committed members brings; there is no sitting on your laurels though, Jo the MD makes us work hard on a Thursday. A brilliant way to spend an evening, I feel privileged to be a member of Fascinating Rhythm.


Our rehearsals are a time when we can hone our skills and become a cohesive chorus.

We are a team and working together inspires us to reach our full potential.

Rehearsals are when we polish our repertoire, work on vocal and visual craft and enjoy the immense pleasure of blending our voices to become one awesome wall of sound.

It is also a time when we build relationships and have fun together.

Rehearsals Fascinating Rhythm
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