Fascinating Rhythm celebrates membership milestones | Ali receiving her 25-year award
Fascinating Rhythm celebrates membership milestones!

Fascinating Rhythm celebrates membership milestones!

Fascinating Rhythm has been marking the long service of several chorus members and welcomed a new member to the risers.

During October, membership awards and commemorative pin badges were presented to: 

  • Lesley and Ali who have been members of Fascinating Rhythm for 25 years 
  • Chloe, Julie, Angela and Kate who have all been members of the chorus for ten years
  • Hannah and Susie who have both been members for five years

Earlier this year, Ali also received a 35-year membership award from the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers (LABBS). 

“It’s wonderful to celebrate and recognise members dedication to Fascinating Rhythm over the years,”

says Committee Chair Iris.

“We are looking forward to seeing them wear their membership pins with pride and to many more years of singing together!”

Fascinating Rhythm has also congratulated new member Hazel on passing the first stage of our assessment process just a few weeks after coming along to her first rehearsal.

“Now that the pandemic restrictions have lifted, it’s so wonderful to be singing again,”

says Hazel.

“I am really looking forward to performing with Fascinating Rhythm and developing my skills as a singer.”

“We feel so lucky to have new members joining us after 18 months of being locked down in every respect,”

says Jo

“It always fills me with pride to see new members immerse themselves so quickly into our chorus life. Hazel has confidently thrown herself into rehearsal nights, and it is such a pleasure to have her on board.” 

Angela receiving her 10-year award
Hannah and Susie receiving their 5-year awards
Jo receiving her 15-year award
Julie, Chloe and Kate receiving their 10-year awards
Lesley receiving her 25-year award
Musical Director, Jo, welcomes new member Hazel to the choir
Ali receiving her 25-year award
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