We are thrilled with our improved score again this year at the LABBS Convention by a whole two points and hold on to our 5th place.  

We still a way to go before scoring high enough to get into the top three but we’re more consistent now and improving year on year. Two points may not seem like much, but considering there was only 0.6 between us and the 4th placed chorus and 0.4 for the one biting our ankles, you can see just how tight the competition is. 

The judging takes place in three categories: Music (the arrangement), Presentation & Singing; looking at the scores, we were 4th in Presentation, so we did well getting the interpretation of the songs across. 

Our new dresses looked good under the stage lights too, very sparkly. We had both of our songs specially arranged for us again this year by Liz Garnett: ‘Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby’ and ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’. We are the first chorus to bring two completely new arrangements to two consecutive conventions. We hope this sets the trend – there are so many great songs out there just waiting to be arranged and sung in the barbershop style.

During 2016, LABBS (Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers) is celebrating 40 years of glorious harmony and, as with every Convention, all the clubs learn a song to so that we can raise the roof together. 

As this is a special year, the challenge was no other than Bohemian Rhapsody. If you would like to hear what it sounds like sung by 2,000 women, led by multiple gold medallists The White Rosettes chorus and their MD Sally McLean—visit www.labbs.org.uk (scroll middle column just above White Rosettes).

At this point, we’d again like to say a huge Thank You to all Friends of FR and to our families for the support you give us throughout the year; we had over 200 guests at our dress rehearsal, and it makes such a difference to have you there.

5th place and a score of 76.3%

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