Fascinating Rhythm member updates Emma and Anne-marie
Fascinating Rhythm Member Updates

Fascinating Rhythm Member Updates

Fascinating Rhythm has been celebrating a number of membership milestones and achievements over the past two months. We have also said goodbye to a few ladies who have decided to move on from singing with the chorus and wish them all the best in their new ventures.

Fascinating Rhythm’s newest members have been experiencing the joy of singing in front of a live audience and participating in a competition for the first time. Emma, Fionna, Hazel and Anne-marie took part in the Keynsham sing-out to raise money for Ups and Downs Southwest; they also sang with the chorus in the Cheltenham Music Festival, along with another new member, Lily. 

“Finally getting to sing out with Fascinating Rhythm felt amazing! All the hard work through lockdown to learn the songs paid off, and everyone was really supportive, which helped manage the nerves.”


“What a buzz to finally get to make beautiful harmonies with the wonderful ladies of Fascinating Rhythm in front of a live audience – I can’t wait to do it all again!”


“I was very nervous about singing for the first time in a competition, but so many ladies made a point of speaking to me in advance to offer encouragement and advice that my nerves had almost dissipated by the time I got on stage. I felt very supported by the chorus and Jo, and was able to perform at my best.”


Fascinating Rhythm’s Chair has also awarded a long-service badge to Erica, in honour of her 5-years of chorus membership.

“It is such a pleasure to give out long-service awards to our members, and usually it is a total surprise to them as time flies by so fast that it comes out of the blue! And we are always saddened when members move on and leave Fascinating Rhythm. We would like to keep all of them forever, but, of course, we wish them well and will always welcome them back if they want to visit us.”


Joining Fascinating Rhythm

If you are interested in joining a choir and would like to find out more about Fascinating Rhythm, please get in touch via our website. You can also find out more about what we do by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Erica receiving her five year award
Emma and Anne-marie
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