Great success at our Learn to Sing Workshop
Full ensemble

Over 100 participants made up the full ensemble

On Saturday, 22 January 2014, we were joined by over 80 female singers at our Learn to Sing Workshop in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire. It was a wonderful day’s singing and we were all put through our paces learning ‘We go together’ from Grease. Once we’d got our tongues around ‘boogety-boogety-boogety-wop-do-wop-do-bop’ and the order in which the ‘shana-na-nas’ followed the ‘ram-a-lam-as’, all our learners joined the FR Chorus on stage for a 120 voice rendition of the song to a very appreciative audience.


Here are just some of the very kind comments we’ve received from delegates:


Fun learning the moves

“I’d like to thank everyone for the lovely day we enjoyed at the workshop last Saturday. Every member of the chorus must have worked extremely hard to make it all run so smoothly and thank you too for your sustained enthusiasm and energy which kept us all going. Particular thanks to Jo (MD) for her encouragement and ability to make it all such fun while at the same time getting us from page to stage. Also for choosing a song with such a magnificent bass line! I’d also like to thank all the basses for helping us newbies to get into shape and particularly Brenda, the section leader,  for her calmness, patience and approachability. I’ve been singing the song to myself ever since and feeling really happy, with a sense of achievement. Thanks so much to you all. When’s the next one??!!”   Mary

Learning the moves

Rehearsal with Choreographer, Wendy

“I really enjoyed the day and want to particularly thank Ali and the other FR tenors who made it such a fun and “no pressure” experience. I would definitely love to come to any more you run!   Also the workshop was run so efficiently and every one of your FR choir was wonderful, getting among us and making us at ease straight away. I was very impressed. Your MD was superb and the breathing techniques in particular I found really helpful.”


Show time

Fascinating Rhythm – thank you so much.  I’ve just about got my breath back from Saturday! I hadn’t really done any singing, (apart from around the house!), since school.  I felt very under-prepared at first and couldn’t get my breathing co-ordinated, but I don’t think I was alone!  It was interesting finding out that I was a bass, always thought that I was ‘somewhere in the middle’, but it was good. I was worried that I wouldn’t get to grips with the lyrics but began to realise that it probably didn’t matter if I got it a bit wrong.  I think I did OK in the end and managed to get a smile on my face!  Thank you and all members of FR for all your hard work, especially Jo and my tutor Brenda, she was great, and made us all feel proud.” Isabel

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