Keeping it in the Family
Keeping it in the family – Fascinating Rhythm welcomes a new member!

Keeping it in the Family – Lily joins Fascinating Rhythm

Just three weeks after re-starting in-person rehearsals at Yate Town FC, Fascinating Rhythm are delighted to welcome a new member, Lily, who has passed the first stage of our assessment process. 

Lily is well-known to Fascinating Rhythm because she’s been supporting our chorus at concerts and competitions and coming along to rehearsals with her mum since she was seven years old. It was in being part of the Fascinating Rhythm family that inspired Lily to join. “I really like all the ladies and wanted to sing with them”, she explains. 

Lily is looking forward to learning our repertoire, especially the Pachelbel Canon (her favourite Fascinating Rhythm song) and singing on stage at the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers (LABBS) Convention. “I went to my first Convention when I was nine years old and have been every year since. I watched all the quartets and gave them marks. I loved it!” she says. “I’m looking forward to competing with Fascinating Rhythm and seeing what happens backstage!”

Lily’s mum, Sarah, says, “I came to my first Fascinating Rhythm rehearsal in June 2014 (having been to one of the Learn To Sing days) and passed my audition three weeks later. Now, exactly seven years on, Lily has done the same! I know the date because every year, I give our Musical Director, Jo, an FR anniversary card.”

Sarah feels pleased that Lily will be joining her in the Baritone section and keeping it in the family. “It’s brilliant because Lily’s a better singer than me and will help me learn. Plus, she knows how to download the teach tracks to her phone, so I’m hoping she’ll do mine too!” Sarah says.

Musical Director Jo Thorn says, “what an absolute joy to have Lily joining us; she is an incredibly talented young lady who we have witnessed grow and flourish over the last few years. We know only too well the social value of belonging to a community such as Fascinating Rhythm, and we hope that Lily will gain so much more singing skills whilst she is with us. The confidence that can come from spending time with like-minded people is priceless. I joined my first female chorus at the same age and instantly gained 40 new ‘mother figures’ – we aim to ensure that Lily has great fun with us whilst learning a whole host of singing and life skills. It also, of course, brings down the average age of Fascinating Rhythm, so a total win-win!” 

Lily is a former member of Junior FR and is the first person to move up to Fascinating Rhythm from our girls’ choir. “I joined Junior FR when mum was helping direct their show ‘Cinderella’ in 2015. I got a part in the chorus, and I liked it because I met people and made friends from outside of school,” she remembers.

Junior FR’s Musical Director, Wendy, is over the moon that Lily is joining Fascinating Rhythm. “I was privileged to sing with Lily during her first assessment piece, and she sounds amazing!” Wendy says. “Lily holds her part really well and has a beautiful voice with a lovely tone. She’s going to be a cracking member of the chorus.”

“One of the things we’ve always flagged up for the Junior FR girls is to come through the choir and end up in Fascinating Rhythm, but it hasn’t ever happened before – Lily is our first candidate to do it! I’m absolutely delighted that she has chosen to carry on her singing and it’s so lovely that she can do it with her mum,” Wendy enthuses.

Wendy hopes that Lily will be an inspiration to other former Junior FR girls who left a few years ago. “We always invite ex-Junior FR girls to our Learn To Sing days, so they know Fascinating Rhythm is here, and we would love to have them come along to a rehearsal,” she says.

Sarah says, “If you’re thinking of taking up singing or joining a choir, I’d say just go for it! I walked into my first rehearsal alone, not knowing anyone, and it was the best thing I ever did… (apart from having Lily, obviously!).”

If you are inspired to join Fascinating Rhythm or Junior FR, please contact us via our website.

Sarah (Mum) with Lily at FR rehearsals
Lily receiving her welcome pack from Jo
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