Love To Sing Workshop Fascinating Rhythm
Love to Sing Workshop – Fascinating Rhythm it’s first since Lockdown

Love to Sing Workshop
Fascinating Rhythm it’s first since Lockdown

Fascinating Rhythm’s popular Love to Sing Workshop was finally back at Marlwood School, Alveston, Bristol, on 28th January 2023. The turnout was fantastic, with over 45 women there to discover what singing in four-part harmony is all about. The challenge: to go from “page to stage” supported by Fascinating Rhythm members, in a day, with family and friends invited to see their performance at the end of the afternoon. The result?  A joyous day of fun and song rounded off with a fabulous performance.

The day started with a welcome from our Chair, Iris O’Loughin, who thanked Anne-marie and Fascinating Rhythm members for their hard teamwork in making the day happen. This was followed by physical and vocal warm-ups led by Musical Director Jo Thorn, who explained how important these are to ensure we are making the best use of our voices. As a choir, we then sang three songs from our repertoire so delegates got a feel for our rich, melodic sound. Jo then explained the four harmony parts and divided the group into vocal sections.

We then worked hard, learning the notes and words for the first half of the song “Feeling Good” throughout the morning. Just before lunch, we had a chance to come together to hear just how good we could sound, and Jo encouraged delegates to try singing without the words and music.

Lunch and delicious cakes gave us a much-needed energy boost and an opportunity to mingle and chat about our love of singing before we moved back into tackling the final verse. First, though, a fun energiser, led by Fascinating Rhythm’s Deputy Musical Director Wendy Howse, banished the post-lunch mental lull and really helped us re-focus.

We worked hard again and then were reunited to work on refining the sound. Kitty Davis, one of our new Creative Musical Assistants, helped delegates consider how they could interpret the music and bring more expression to the sound by visualising images suggested by the words.

Jo’s delight at the group’s progress and ability was overflowing. Her passion and energy for singing is clearly contagious, inspiring participants to want to be at their best.

She said:

“Singing is simply joyous. It’s truly so good for your mental health and well-being; it should be on prescription.”

By the time we welcomed family and friends, most delegates, although perhaps a little apprehensive, were ready to give it a go, and they brought the house down!

You can enjoy listening to their performance here

“I can honestly say that was the best performance from any of our “Love to Sing” days – I am blown away. Every single one of you should be tremendously proud – I certainly am!”

Jo Commented.

Everyone left with a smile on their face, and we hope some will take up our complementary offer to come along to our rehearsals for the next three weeks and then join us to perform on stage at our next singing extravaganza with Go Vocal on the 18th of February. 

Comments from enthused delegates are still rolling in:

  • “Thank you for an incredible experience of what it’s like to make music together.”
  • “Super impressed with Jo’s skill, enthusiasm and knowledge.”
  • “If you’ll have me, I’d love to see more of what it’s about.”
  • “Thank you for a lovely day – I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

If you love to sing, why not get in touch and join us at our weekly rehearsals on Thursdays from 7:30 to 10 pm at The Greenfield Centre, Winterbourne, Bristol and/or come along to our concert at Mangotsfield school on 18th February?

You can get your tickets here – we would love to see you!

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