Our own Fascinating Wedding!

So we are delighted to introduce to you, Mr & Mrs Thorn

The wedding was perfect, the love and happiness was so strong in the room that you could feel it. Jo looked stunning and Steve wore a permanent grin along with the dapper suit!

They were surrounded by special people who were all overjoyed to share the celebrations with them.

The traditional ‘first dance’ of a wedding was actually replaced with a lovely jazz duo of ‘Night and Day’ of Ella Fitzgerald fame which had the bride and groom gazing into each others eyes while they sang to each other for our entertainment. The 3 tier wedding cake was covered in musical score and notes…… and was delicious.

It would not of been complete had the chorus not had a song or two which Jo really enjoyed; “I cant believe I’ve directed in my dress!” was said at the end of “Can’t take my eyes off of you” and “Happy Together” – two very apt songs for the day of course.

We wish them every happiness for the future.

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