Quartet Prelims – Free Range Through to Finals

Update from Free Range:

So, Prelims 2016 came and went in a blur of excitement and fun!
When you are competing against 35 (yes 35!) other quartets, you appreciate there is every chance that it’s going to be tough to qualify as in reality you have to beat 19 of them.  Our performance felt good and this year we decided to watch our recording straight after we had come off stage. Having made the decision not to watch any other quartets prior to our own stage time, we watched the final section of the competition and waiting for the results… it was a very long day for the judges!Prelims 2016 - 5
For those not aware, the process is that if you qualify, your name goes into a hat and then randomly selected, which gives your place to sing at Convention.  Very nail biting stuff; when “and singing 12th…” is announced and you have not been mentioned…. With each further place your emotions start to sink and we had that look between us all thinking that we had not qualified… .  Then – “and singing 16th…… FREE RANGE!” Well, there were a few whoops and screeches as you can imagine!
Prelims 2016 - 3When the score sheet was produced we were absolutely thrilled to have been placed 13th, with a score of 67.5 which was a lovely jump from 62.9 at convention 2015 (and 63.3 from Prelims).  We are delighted of course, but also appreciate that we need to work even harder to continue to improve so Convention will be a big focus for us (once our holidays are all done of course!).
We’d like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to our family, friends and coaches for all their support and help, plus a Big Shout Out to Fascinating Rhythm, whose support and enthusiasm is immense.

Dot, Di, Lesley & Mads


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