Wokshop 2018 Cetainly Shines Fascinating Rhythm
Workshop 2018 certainly shines!

2018 Workshop was the best yet!

On Saturday 24th February, we were excited to welcome 50 delegates to this year’s workshop.

We were able to showcase a few of our songs, then the delegates were firstly given a vocal warm-up, they were then split into their voice part for the day. Fascinating Rhythm members then sang the song to them that they were going to learn from page to stage, and they were delighted to hear ‘Shine’ by Take That, which actually is a 5 part harmony song.

Hard work by every single delegate, and we were absolutely amazed that they took on board section work and came together before lunch for a first sing through, which was incredible.

During lunch (and much eating of cake) we were able to chat with our visitors and tell them about our hobby.

Every delegate was invited to gives us some feedback at the end, and below are a few of their comments:

“Such a fun, rewarding day. A lot to learn but a huge sense of achievement at the end of the session. I just love singing”

“Confidence to ‘go for it’! To sing with a large, great chorus” “Fun, friendship, harmony, teamwork (and cake)!” “To do something for me, it was fun, and I enjoyed it.”

“I found it an incredibly emotional experience to go from being terrified of making a mistake to actually enjoying singing.. and on the front row even! I can’t believe how much we learned in one day, and I’m going away with a huge sense of achievement. THANK YOU!”

“Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, so much support from all the Fascinating Rhythm ladies. Lots of laughs and a great Musical Director.”

We were really pleased to hear that a few of our visitors intend to come to a regular rehearsal to see us again with interest in joining us, and we look forward to welcoming you all.

Fascinating Rhythm had a fabulous day with you all, thank you for joining us, you all certainly did ‘Shine’, and we hope to see you again next year if not sooner!

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