Does FR make a difference?

Why Join FR? This article explains what just one of our members gets from our wonderful chorus.

Freedom in the making

Jo Dean has been Musical Director of Fascinating Rhythm chorus since 2008 and has bought us through many a storm, either within ourselves or as a chorus together.  Jo’s capacity to gauge each one of us is amazing as she never takes us further than we are able along our journey to freedom.
Yes freedom, that is what being in a large chorus can give you, it starts with a vulnerable unsafe feeling and journeys into a search of self, an exploration to the inner being, eventually and gently releasing one into a new life, it could be called ‘metamorphosis’ (caterpillar to butterfly).
I personally have struggled many a time with just standing within the chorus as I have a medical disorder which causes neck tremor.  However to my surprise, once singing the tremor is released and I can be free in my own movement and not held captive in my body’s preferred movement for me.  This discovery has kept me wanting to persevere with my chosen hobby and I have been a member for almost 9 years.
So you see, singing together is not just about the singing, it is about your overall health and self esteem.  It takes you to places you didn’t know you were able to go. You feel a part of a family, embraced and encouraged to be the best you can be.  That for me is ‘Freedom’.
Thank you chorus family for helping me to find and understand myself a little better, especially chorus leader Jo Dean!

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