Dutch Visitors

Lehnard & JoFascinating Rhythm had a couple of very special guests at our rehearsal on Thursday 16th February –  Lenhard and Jo Van Ballegooijen from Holland.  Lenhard is MD of Dutch Pride who rehearse in Ijsselstein, south of Amsterdam and Jo sings Bass in their chorus. This great connection started with our MD Jo Dean being invited to coach Dutch Pride before their convention a couple of years ago and we are now in the process of arranging for our two choruses to get together with plans for us to go to Amsterdam in April 2018, and we will host them in 2020 (http://www.dutchpride.nl).  Exciting or what!
Jo and Lenhard also had the pleasure of watching the excellent Great Western Chorus and the (fantastic) Ringmasters in concert in Bristol on Saturday 18th.  It really was an evening that showcased all that is wonderful with our particular genre.

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