Fascinating Rhythm celebrates membership achievements Jo Joan Rose Peggy 10 years
Fascinating Rhythm Celebrates Membership Achievements

Fascinating Rhythm Celebrates Membership Achievements

Fascinating Rhythm members have welcomed another new member to the risers and awarded long-service badges to long-serving members of the choir.

Fascinating Rhythm’s newest recruit, Julie, has passed the first stage of the assessment process to become a full member of the chorus. Julie will join the Lead section.

“I’ve found joining Fascinating Rhythm a very welcoming, organised and efficient process. Everyone is warm and supportive and I was thrilled to pass my audition. I’m looking forward to being able to join in with more of the songs and can’t wait to be part of a competition, as well as learning so much more about singing at the various workshops. It’s been so uplifting and I really look forward to practising every Thursday!”


Fascinating Rhythm membership pin badges have been awarded to seven long-standing chorus members in recognition of their membership milestones:

– Mel has been a chorus member for 5 years

– Joan, Jo F, Peggy, Rose and Alison have all been part of the chorus for 10 years

– Sue has been part of Fascinating Rhythm for 15 years

“At Fascinating Rhythm, we very much enjoy celebrating our members’ commitment and contribution to our chorus family. These long-service awards give us the opportunity to celebrate on a regular basis and make our members feel valued appreciated and recognised.”

Membership Secretary, Kitty

Fascinating Rhythm also held an Extraordinary General Meeting on 10 March 2022 to elect members to vacant committee roles. The chorus welcomed Lesley as interim Chair, Jane as Vice-Chair and Chloe as Public Relations Officer.

“I’m very happy to be supporting Fascinating Rhythm as interim Chair. Our singing family is very important to us and I’m delighted to be able to help on the committee for a while. I’d like to welcome Jane and Chloe – they will both be a great asset to the team. It is going to be nice to help them settle into their roles over the next few months. I’d also like to thank the previous committee members, who have carried out a huge amount of work of the last few years, and hope they enjoy a well-earned rest.”

Sue 15Years
Juile Newbie
Mel 5 Years
Jo Joan Rose Peggy 10 Years
Alison 10 Years
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