Workshop 2019 - Greatest Showman success!
Workshop 2019 – Greatest Showman success!

We were so pleased that the snow did not stop play for our learn to sing workshop held on 2nd February. Fortunately, the snow stopped falling in time for us to go ahead, so the delegates did not miss out on their singing fix.

We welcomed around 70 ladies of all ages (including a Mum and Daughter set which with our Fascinating Rhythm member (the grandmother) made a 3 generation appearance again)

The delegates worked so hard this year as it was quite a mammoth song – it was the very famous “This is Me” (from The Greatest Showman) so it was even more of a challenge for those ladies who were given a harmony part and not the lead line (the bit we all know)

The speed at which the song was learnt was incredible. We even had a run-through before lunch!

Much cake was consumed, and we again offered merchandise to buy along with the chance of winning a raffle prize.

We were delighted that we now seem to have several ‘regulars’ who come to the workshop each year, and we look forward to welcoming everyone again in 2020!

The Chorus has again received some great feedback from our guests, and we would like to share some of it with you here:

“The day whizzed by – such fun with lovely people. I’d love to come again.”

“An excuse to let go – great to enjoy time with great ladies.”

“A great day doing something for myself and being part of something big!”

“Just a nice experience to be with others who enjoy singing and the opportunity of being part of a choir for just a day.”

“Find that although it takes me out of my ‘comfort zone’ I have a sense of achievement by the end of the day. It’s just lovely to sing and meet such a fab group of ladies!”

We thank you, ladies, for coming to share the day with us, it was lovely to welcome you to Fascinating Rhythm, and we hope to see you again.

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