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In 2019 we are pleased to have supported

Ups and Downs Southwest

In March 2019, on World Downs Syndrome Awareness Day, we were delighted to release “This is Me” in collaboration with the charity Ups and Downs Southwest.

The experience of creating this track and film with those wonderful children, was an utterly heartwarming experience and something we’re all immensely proud of.

We were then astounded to have been watched across the globe and receive over 17,000 views on YouTube and rising.

Notably, our collaboration was nominated for the Charity Film Awards and we were astonished to reach the final.

We were truly touched to have gotten that far and would like to thank everyone who supported us in this venture and gain recognition and awareness for this fabulous charity.

​Please take a look at their website for further information: Ups and Downs Southwest

Other news about this project can be found here:

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